website localization

Website Localization


With the increasing penetration of Internet applications in all aspects of social production and life, websites have undoubtedly become a powerful weapon and indispensable element for various governments, institutions, groups, enterprises and individuals to carry out publicity and promotion. A well-designed website can enhance the image and popularity, so as to achieve the effect of publicity and business support.

Nowadays, many websites are presented in more than one language, so the accuracy and authenticity of the website translation becomes crucial. However, website translation is not as simple as word-for-word translation. In order to convey the core information of the website accurately and vividly, the translator must convert it into another language on the basis of a deep understanding of the meaning and intention of the original text during the translation process, that is, the translation should neither be blunt nor inaccurate. However, due to differences in language, culture, and background, an ingenious original text is likely to become bland, obscure, or even ridiculous when translated into another language. This therefore requires translators to have a good understanding of the cultural background and expression habits behind the target language.

Website Localization Process

  • Translate the original website text into the target language text

    Before translation, our translators first analyze the website, and then extract the text that needs to be translated and filter out the part that does not need translation. This is to ensure that the content of the website we translate is not redundant.

  • Proofreading

    After translation, we have senior translators or experts to do proofreading, and the quality assurance team will control the quality, together with computer professionals. This is to ensure that the translation is accurate and uses the right cyber language.