Simultaneous Interpretation

What is simultaneous interpretation?


Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is a highly specialized practice that requires the interpreter to follow the speaker to perform oral translation completely and accurately at the same speed of speech. Whether it is interpreting a foreign speaker's speech to a large audience or simply whispering the translation the to one individual, bot can be counted as simultaneous interpreting.

SI service is very popular with corporate clients and large institutions. The frequent scenario of our SI service is conferences, where the interpreter usually sits in a booth with a headset and speaks into a microphone. SI requires professional equipment, including microphone, transmitter, receiver and SI booth. This form of interpretation service is commonly seen at large conferences, summits, board meetings and market research panel meetings, etc.

SI equipment is more important than you might think. Incompatible or faulty equipment may cause your representatives to gain little from the meeting.

Excellent Simultaneous Interpreters in the Industry

We only employ the extremely experienced and highly specialized interpreters in the industry. The interpreters we work with all over the world have professional qualifications in both interpretation and translation, and are specialized in their respective fields of expertise. No matter what industry you are in, and what is the topic of your conference or meeting - such as finance, law, medicine, et. - we can always provide you with interpreters who know how to precisely convey your message to the intended audience. SI is one of the demanding services we offer and we only hire the extremely experienced interpreters to do this job. While interpreting one sentence, the interpreters must be able to listen to and understand the next sentence. Therefore, decisiveness is the key, as there is no time to think of alternative translations or different expressions.

To provide you with high quality services

Whatever your requirements, wherever you are, and whatever language combination you need, we can always provide services that suit your needs.

If you are planning a large-scale event involving multiple languages, we can also provide you with translation equipment.

If you would like a designated interpreter to be at the event a few hours in advance, please rest assured as they will be there as scheduled. If you want to communicate with an interpreter in private beforehand, we can arrange it for you. If you require an interpreter to have security access to a certain area, we will ensure that the interpreter will be vetted and approved.

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Standards for Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Expressiveness

    Expressiveness in interpretation is essentially the same thing as accuracy in translation, with the former having more sense of depth. Expressiveness is relative accuracy. If one pursues accuracy blindly while neglecting other factors, he or she may face compromised effects of translation.

  • Timeliness

    No matter it is sight translation or paperless translation, the interpreter cannot lag too much behind the speaker—one sentence at most, nor can he or she follow too closely to avoid being led into a dead end. Interpreters can determine their own translation speed according to the speech rate of the speaker, the difficulty of the speech, as well as their own ability.

  • Completeness

    The interpreter may delete modifiers that can be distinguished from core words and core content. However, the translated sentence must be a complete sentence that can convey or express an appropriate amount of information.

  • Fluency

    Fluency refers not only to the fluency of speech, but also to the content and logical consistency to ensure that the interpretation can conform to common expressions and thinking patterns of the target language.