Public Sign Translation

With the continuous deepening of opening to the outside world and the advancement of the "Belt and Road" initiative, the use of foreign languages has been given unprecedented importance. Among them, the demand for foreign languages in the field of public services continues to expand. The translation activities for external communication represented by the translation of public signs are just in line with the construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative and in response to China's foreign language capacity building. It is of great significance to tell China's story well to the world, spread China's voice well, and promote China's cultural "going out". WOWTRAN has always been at the forefront of public sign translation, with rich practical experience, and has contributed to the translation of public signs all the year round. It is also a professional model in practice in this field. All public sign translators of WOWTRAN have passed strict training tests, and we also cooperate with a number of language experts from the Public Sign Translator Association, who can join in the translation or proofreading work when necessary. In addition, we have also summarized and formulated a set of unique quality control process and created a professional terminology database, thus the public relations translators can be better familiar with the terminology. Besides, through process management, all personnel can work better together at all points in the translation process.

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Public Sign Translation cases

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  • Lecture on "The Third Industrial Revolution"
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