Notarized Translation

What is notarized translation?


A notarial certificate is a judicial certificate with special legal effect issued by a notary public office based on the facts and the law and in accordance with legal procedures upon the application of the party concerned; it is a type of judicial instrument. Notarized translation is the process of translating foreign-related notarial certificates or corresponding materials that need notarization into different languages.

Founded in 2002, Wow Translation Inc. has focused on notary translation for nearly 20 years. With the escort of several senior translators with high professional titles, the company has established cooperative relations with more than 200 notary offices across the country, and is well received by customers.

Notarized Translation

   WOWTRAN also provides notarization agency services and one-stop solutions to notarial certification translation problems.

We provide notarization agency services for going to most regions of the world

Translation languages

   The translation services of our company cover more than 80 languages

We are confident, because:

  • We have been providing translation services since 2002, and have established templates for certificate translation in various languages;
  • We have translation experts (senior titles) to control the quality;
  • We strictly follow the format requirements for notarized translation issued by the Ministry of Justice;
  • We have a database of translation requirements of visa centers of embassies and consulates, and can provide corresponding translation qualifications.

We earnestly promise

Our company's translations can be recognized by notary public offices nationwide (Note: we are not responsible for the authenticity of the original texts). If there is any mistake in the translation, we will not charge you for the service we provided, and if you choose our translation service, we will provide lifelong print service.

Cooperating Notary Public Offices

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