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High-standard quality control

High-standard quality control by expert translators: All EMBA thesis translation projects of our company are led by expert translators

Expert translator refers to a senior translator with professional title (senior title) recognized by the national competent department

Mr. Zhuang

Senior Translator
More than 20 years of translation experience
Visiting Professor of Shandong Agricultural University
MTI Advisor of Southeast University
Advisor for the Translation Major of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University
Member of the expert base of Translators Association of China
Having completed translation and proofreading of over 20 million words
 Translation Practice Advisor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Rapid response around the clock for paper translation

Star-level service, customer needs first

  • Carefulness
    We are careful and conscientious all the time.

    Corpus alignment and terminological consistency

  • Patience
    We are patient to understand customer needs and answer questions all the time.

    If the original text is revised, we will make a quick response and update the translation simultaneously.

  • Attentiveness
    We provide attentive services all the time.

    We will give you tips about oral defense without reservation.

We earnestly promise

Full refund of translation fee in case of oral defense failure due to translation problems.
  • Lifetime free modification

    We offer unlimited free modification services if there are no changes in the original text, and limited free modification services if there are minor changes in the original text. If the supervisor gives feedback on the translation during the review, we will ensure that the translation is revised until it is satisfactory.

  • Experienced translators

    Our translators will ensure consistent terminology and writing style. We will assign different specialized translators for different areas, and our senior translators (senior title) will control the translation quality. We will maintain strict confidentiality and will not disclose any of the paper's information.

  • Complete qualifications and assured transaction

    We are a council member of the Translators Association of China, and we have many senior translators (senior title). We provide formal translation service contracts and can issue formal value-added tax invoices.

Professional Translation

After receiving the original text, the translators will translate sentence by sentence based on the existing term bank. Due to various factors such as the content of each paper and the degree of understanding by the translators, the daily translation workload completed will also vary.

Note: Due to the long translation and review process, please reserve 8 working days for the translation work.

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Ms. Li has more than twenty years of translation company management experience. She focuses on strategic planning and has a good grasp of the latest industry trends.

SCI、EI、SSCI、CSSCI paper translation service

Paper translation service team

WOWTRAN has a professional service team for translation of papers.

Paper Translation case

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