desktop publishing

Desktop Publishing


Desktop publishing is an important part of localization work. Desktop publishing in a general sense refers to text editing, layout design and graphic image processing through a computer system and completing the typesetting to meet publishing requirements. As for desktop publishing in the field of localization, it refers to the re-typesetting of original documents (such as operation manuals, product samples, leaflets, etc.) in other one or more target languages to form different language versions.

Offce、Adobe lllstrator、Adobe Photoshop、AutoCAD、CorelDraw Based on our strong localization technology and a professional DTP team, WOWTRAN can completes desktop publishing projects efficiently and provides you with multilingual DTP and desktop publishing services (Windows, Mac system). We are proficient in using professional DTP software: Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, Adobe lllstrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, and CorelDraw

The Process of Desktop Publishing

  • 01. The account manager communicates with the client on the project and signs the contract

  • 02. Selection of desktop publishing personnel

    We will select more targeted and professional desktop publishing personnel to set up a team according to customer needs and specific requirements.

  • 03. Professional desktop publishing translation

    We use translation tools to translate, and assign expert translators for quality control. Our translators have undergone rigorous testing, and most of them have experience in studying abroad and working on-site, having developed good translation skills.

  • 04. Post-typesetting proofreading

    After multilingual typesetting, we will provide proofreading services, including translation proofreading and graphic proofreading.

  • 05.Delivery to customers